Hello! I’m Hailey the H part of H and G Designs.

I have always wanted to own my own business, I think this started on a caravan trip around Australia when I was 8. I thought I was destined to own and manage my own caravan park, many receipt books later and a sister totally over playing “caravan parks” I moved on. The receipt books are now back but this one is even more fun!

H and G Designs started selling our products at the end of 2014. Glenn (the G part) and I have a passion for building and renovating, albeit Glenn somewhat more qualified is matched by my relentless enthusiasm (some would say obsession!). We started off with a low budget unit renovation and have recently built a house from scratch, during this process we were always looking for ways we could create a difference to our places, make them unique. We would spend hours sketching up new ideas and making them the next day. We then realised we had a great little team both adding to the creativity of each other’s designs. Initially Glenn was the more hands on skilled team member but with his refined teaching and my love for getting my hands dirty we both are involved in all the creating and constructing processes.

We love creating, we equally love seeing pictures of our products in homes of people also wanting that something a bit unique. We are forever sketching, making and refining so keep in check for an exciting new range of products we would love to see in your home!

Materials sourced from Australia. Made and designed in Australia. Located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland


H and G x