Launched in Spring of 2014, IVY MUSE is a botanical wares studio based in Melbourne. 
We design beautiful, functional plant stands and botanical wares that encourage you to get creative with your greenery.

IVY MUSE is the brainchild of longtime friends Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan. Jacqui, founder of art retailer ‘Signed & Numbered’, together with Alana, interiors stylist and owner of online boutique ‘Hunt & Bow’, launched the label after struggling to find high quality plant stands without compromising on design or quality.

Made from steel - for durability and strength - then powder coated to add intense colour and a perfect finish, IVY MUSE plant stands are designed by Alana and Jacqui and are made from start to finish right here in Melbourne.

IVY MUSE plant stands suit a variety of pots and botanical vessels, giving plant lovers ultimate freedom to showcase their greenery in and around the home; vases, pots (both big and small!) and even plant bags are all our friends.

IVY MUSE | get creative with your greenery


What are IVY MUSE plant stands made of?
IVY MUSE plant stands are made of powder-coated steel. The lower stands are made of 8mm rod steel in order to hold greater weights and the taller stands of 6mm rod steel for a more refined and delicate finish. 

Where are IVY MUSE plant stands made?
IVY MUSE plant stands are designed and made in Melbourne from start to finish.

What if I have a drip tray?
The lower IVY MUSE plant stands (Butterfly, Hourglass, Quay & Chrysalis) are suitable for pots that require drip trays.  Use of a drip tray with the taller stands will depend on the size and shape of the drip tray and pot. If your drip tray does not fit the plant stand you have purchased we recommend watering the plant outside, letting it sit for a couple of hours so excess water drains out, then moving it inside and sitting it inside / on top of your plant stand. Alternatively, consider using a ‘self-watering’ pot.

Are IVY MUSE stands compatible with designer pots? (e.g. Design Twins)
All IVY MUSE low stands (‘Butterfly', ‘Hourglass', ‘Quay' & ‘Chrysalis') not only look amazing with big designer pots but are purpose built to bear the weight. The small and medium sized pots by the aforementioned designers are compatible with our lower stands. We do not recommend the use of our taller stands (Classic, Feline, Empire & Arrow) with these pots as this makes the stands very ‘top heavy’ and potentially unstable.

Are the plant stands suitable for outdoor use?
We do not recommend the use of IVY MUSE plant stands in outside areas. Like any item that is exposed to the elements, general wear should be expected over time if stands are placed in an unsheltered area.