Milkcart was a little idea born out of a love for designing and restoring furniture and the fact that Marnie and I were pretty much priced out of all the beautiful, original pieces that we desired to furnish our new house.
We were both looking for a creative outlet, a platform to work from home, and we craved job satisfaction. Inspired by the simple lines of Danish furniture and the light filled interiors of Australian homes, we began to create furniture that has a place in every home.
Our pieces are fully designed and handcrafted by us in our Sydney workshop - each passing through our four hands - a real human touch, separating us from the mass produced items flooding the market. We really wanted to incorporate pieces with simplicity and practicality, and inspired by a quote from a Brooklyn furniture design company, 'Perfect Imperfection' has become our motto. 
Together, our vision is to breathe new life into old ideas and create beautiful pieces of furniture.
We know there is a place in your home for one of them…
Ryan and Marnie McKnight