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Hides of Excellence Mongolian sheepskin rug in grey brings your space a whole new feeling by combining chic style with luxurious comfort in a single dramatic statement piece. Natural hair throws, with their inviting texture and beautiful colouring, are far more than just an extra blanket over the back of a sofa. They are a tone-setter, instantly bringing to mind thoughts of opulence and comfort. Place them over a chair, at the foot of the bed, or even draped in a cozy reading corner with a few cushions for a truly magical space.

The dyed grey colouring of this ethically sourced by-product means that no two throws will ever be alike, as slight variations in size can also occur, depending upon the exact source of the throw. No one but you will ever have a throw exactly the same, and that makes it even more special. Hides of Excellence uses only environmentally friendly agents in the tanning process, so it is perfectly safe to use for a baby, pet, or anyone else precious in your life.

Mongolian sheepskin has silky, wavy crimp locks of hair that trail over the sides of the throw. Throws are left in their organic shape, so you can experiment with the perfect draping technique to create a look that is somehow rustic while maintaining a feeling of glamour.

Natural Mongolian sheepskin throws are easy to keep clean by shaking out regularly, and spot cleaning with a damp cloth. You don't need any cleaning agents or chemicals. Allow your sheepskin throw to dry in the shade after cleaning, and it will stay fresh and beautiful for many years to come. Keep the throw out of direct sunlight in order to prevent the color from fading over time.