At Design Twins, our philosophy is all about creating the perfect living spaces. It's not just the big ticket items like lounges and 4-post beds that make for a perfect living environment; it’s the minor details that really count. Design Twins has a wonderful selection of designer shelves on our online store that each have their own character and unique look. From the leather strap shelves from H and G designs, which are perfect for placing books, candles or a new plant in perfect view or the wonderful cloud shelf from Wood Rabbit, we've got everything you need to create a wonderful setting at home or the office. Browse the full selection and show our designer shelves today!

Whether you’re looking for a quirky way to update your living room or want a stylish addition to your office, Design Twins has everything you need to make a fashion statement with your living environments. Our online store has a great range of designer shelves online that each have their own character and personality. Browse the full online collection and buy shelves online from Design Twins today!