10 Trendy Home Ideas We’ll Always Love


Some trends are born to die. Some, like avocado fridges, should never have started in the first place. Many trends, however, will never die. If they speak to you and they make your house look great, don’t think twice about giving in to a “trendy” idea. If you pick from this list, you’ll always love it.

1. Minimalist whites


Minimal white and white-on-white décor is everywhere now. Trendy home décor isn’t complete without at least one white wall and white-on-white design. These minimal, calm designs often make us feel at peace and in control. It’s no surprise that people want to bring this décor idea home to stay. As trendy home ideas go, this one is pretty timeless. Just make sure to add touches of soft contrasts so it doesn’t look sterile, just clean.

2. Succulent plants

Terrariums and tiny potted plants of pretty, perky succulents are common. These plants tend to be more difficult to kill than others, perfect for those of us without a green thumb. Plus, they make every atmosphere look happy and welcoming. It brings a touch of life inside.


3. Mason jars


Need to serve drinks? Mason jars. Need to store spices? Mason jars. Need to make a salad for work? You can see where this is going. Mason jars have a practical, do it yourself vibe that feels straight off Pinterest even if you’re drinking tap water. We’re never, ever, ever giving them up. Sorry, not sorry.

4. Chalk board paint


When you want to look like the ruler of artistic creativity and organization, whip out the chalkboard paint. For best results, apply it to a whole wall. You can pair this with white minimalism to create contrast and tension in a room. This is a great way to offset the harshness of a white wall and décor. The chalkboard paint can also be applied to a wall covering, a cutout, or a poster board if that appeals to you more.

5. Natural wood


Wood adds a touch of richness to any home. While it’s nice to see a large oak table, for example, there are other trendy home ideas that showcase wood a little more naturally. A natural cutting board can class up any kitchen. A bedside table made of a log section is homey, comfortable, and authentic. Enjoy the trend now and the fashion statement the rest of your life. Try the pictured bedside table here.

6. Decorated initial blocks


Not everyone thinks fondly of this trend, but we can’t get enough of it. It’s a great way to add everyone’s tastes into a room. If you’re part of a big family, this allows everyone to be included. You can pick up the example and others here. You can DIY, too! Just get large wooden letters for everyone’s initials. You can paint them, add designs, or pin postcards and pictures to them to make them unique. Then scatter them about the family room to showcase the vibrancy of the people who live there.

7. Foil slogan posters


Not every foil sign is a winner. You might not need a shiny “Live, Laugh, Love” on your wall. When paired with slogans with a bit of bite, however, these posters take off. A golden foil sign that says “get more done” is the elegant kick in the pants we need to get started in the morning. It combines elegance and beauty with strength—and isn’t that something we all aspire to? If you don’t find one you like, follow this guide to DIY up a masterpiece!

8. Pattern cutouts


Want to add a bold pattern to your walls, but afraid of painting the whole thing? Pattern cutouts are great. You can decorate them with bright colors and bold patterns. The shape of the cutout will keep your pattern looking neat and contained. This trendy home décor idea is perfect; you can rearrange, reuse, and freshen up whenever you like. It’s never going out of style.You can also bring the trend out to other decor items, like this.

9. Reclaimed items


This spans the realm of trendy home ideas. You can bring in industrial accents, country chic, or just plain hipster aesthetic. Punch holes in a coffee can and add it to a small light. You can DIY so many funny ideas with things like that. The possibilities are endless. Plus, if you get tired of one thing, you can just reclaim it again.

10. Funky throw pillows


Much of the modern trends focus on capturing chaos, patterns, and boldness within a chic aesthetic. A throw pillow with a funny slogan or a cute picture can personalize a room effortlessly. You can’t always breathe in a white-on-white room. Funky throw pillows can bring a room together.

These ten ideas are perfect. We’re going to be breaking them out forever, filling every room and every new residence with personal style and flair. Which trendy home décor piece has to be pried out of your cold, dead hands before you’ll give it up?

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