With a nomadic spirit at the core of their store, Frankie + Coco offer an array of goods with their own unique approach, continuously bursting with lovely color schemas — speaking straight to the heart of their customers! From homewares to fashion, the duo keeps beauty at the forefront. “Our goal is to inspire and create wonderful spaces which you can’t wait to come home to,” the sisters note. We’re so honored to work with Frankie + Coco as one of our stockist! Below, we’ve spoken with them about the origin of their idea, global sourcing and compliments. You can find their amazing boutique online or in-store, at 398 Hampton St, Hampton, VIC, 3188.
How did the concept of Frankie + Coco come about?
We have both been creatively inclined since we were little, always starting new craft projects and mini businesses. We started a wholesale jewellery business when we were still in high school and were always working in retail, so opening our own shop seemed like a natural progression. Our interest in interiors and homewares was probably sparked by our Danish heritage; our mum always had great magazines from “home,” which we loved looking through and drawing inspiration. Our parents were great to encourage our involvement with decorating and furnishing… We would paint our rooms different colours and repurpose furniture on the weekends with our dad, and he still helps us do these things today. When we decided we wanted to open a shop, we knew we wanted to do it in Hampton Street because we spent a lot of time there — and, there wasn’t anything like what we now do in the area, so we believed there was a market for it.
How did you come up with the name?
The name comes from nicknames. When Nikki was little our grandparents used to call her Coco, and I always used to get called Frankie — instead of Freddy, because people would assume that's what it was when I would say Freddy… And now I get it even more [laughs].
You source products from all over the globe! What is that process like?
It can be a little difficult, but we’re fortunate enough to get the opportunity to travel often and whenever we’re away we can’t help but look for things for the shop. We talk to small businesses that specialize in specific products and often they’re excited to sell their products in Australia. We generally take some products home with us on a trial basis and then move on to importing larger quantities after we have gauged what sort of response it gets from our customers. Recently we have sourced from Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey and Denmark.
What are the three core philosophies of Frankie + Coco and why are they important to you?
  1. Don’t be afraid of clashing colours and patterns. Being brave with your colour pattern will give you a more personal and unique home. Choose a base colour that you love, but don’t only use this colour. Look at different hues and complimenting or contrasting colours, prints and patterns to create interest.
  1. Don’t pigeonhole yourself with one style. We are very eclectic in our taste. We mix old and new, modern and vintage, especially when looking at furniture. It’s amazing when you inherit pieces from parents or grandparents that have meaning to you and then contrast it with a new piece that you love. It will make your house a home. 
  1. Odd numbers are always better. Whether its cushions on the couch, a cluster of decorative pieces or flowers in a vase, we always go with 3 or 5 — depending on the size of the space obviously ;)
What’s the best compliment you’ve received about your store?
It’s pretty amazing when labels that we’ve loved for a long time, and have a great respect for, contact us to be stocked in our store. It’s amazing to be recognized by other brands in the industry who are successful and that you look up to. But it’s also just great to have customers come in and say that, “this is their favourite shop.”
What’s one fashion trend you’re loving this season & what’s one homewares trend you're loving this season?
The chunky knit is always a winter fashion staple, and this years pastel colours are amazing. We just received a drop from Zulu & Zephyr with the most beautiful pale blue knit that we’ve been dying to get. Baby pink has become a popular colour in our wardrobes also.
For homewares, it would have to be anything to do with plants. We’re slightly obsessed with greenery at the moment and can’t stop buying plants for our house. That was one of the reasons we were so excited to get the Design Twins pots, apart from the obvious amazingness… We had been hand painting some pots ourselves for the shop, but everyone wanted larger ones (including ourselves). Plants just add great life to the home.
What’s one piece of advice you would give to aspiring storeowners?
Don’t let people talk you out of your idea. If you are willing to put in the effort and hard work, and you truly believe that your store will work, then it will. People respond to your passion for your work. When you’re running your own business, it’s important that you love what you’re doing — otherwise, why would you do it? When we were opening, people kept telling us that it was a terrible time for retail, but we were sure about ourselves and it has only gotten better over the years.
Who is the Frankie + Coco shopper? 
There isn’t really a specific Frankie + Coco shopper, we get such a range from school girls buying 16th and 18th birthday presents, first home buyers excited about decorating their first house, fashion lovers interested in the newest Senso boots or Zulu & Zephyr bikini to lovely little old ladies who saw a nice scarf or knit that caught there eye. It’s really hard to pin down who our customers are because we get such a range.
Do you have any exciting projects/collaborations coming up to share with us?
We will be officially relaunching our showroom space in the coming months. This space is going to be used to showcase great furniture pieces, large decorative pieces and art. We stock three amazing artists and are so excited to have more space to show off their talents. It will also be great for our beautiful Design Twin pots :)
Until Next Week,
Mitch & Crystal

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