Bright smiles. Attentive handshakes. Eye Contact. We’ve been told our entire lives that first impressions are significant. A proper introduction puts interactions as ease. Still, I’m always amazed at how often “the door” is overlooked in terms of interior creativity, seeing as it’s the first thing that most people see when they walk into a room or approach the entrance of a home. We want our living spaces to hug us (and visitors) with a sense of comfort and our entryways, points of transition, between different spaces via doorways is the perfect place to incorporate such consolation into your overall theme. If your space is telling a story, isn’t the best place to start the door?
Doorways, besides being an important feature of design, are also high traffic areas. As business owners and parents of two little boys, we need to ensure our home’s style reflects functionality. So for projects such as this, we use Dulux Aquanamel Gloss. The water-based, interior/exterior acrylic enamel is easily washable and dries with a glossy smooth and tough finish — with all the timesaving benefits of an acrylic paint.
Right now, we love the effect of doors painted with geometric designs in simple yet captivating monochromatic hues such as blacks, whites and greys. This pattern-approved approach is a simple, modern way to add rhythm and interest to your décor, while also personalizing the overall aesthetic.  
Black door not bad door! Contrast focuses the eyes upwards, so a black, narrow door will tend to extend your view up and allow ceilings to appear higher. Tip: A door at the end of a hallway is a focal point by default, so make the most of it!

If you have bright and animated walls, choose a similarly light tone for your door. Or, if your overall arrangement is a bit subdued, go for a gently warm hue. Tip: Play with the frames! Paint the frame of your door the same color or an accent hue to complete the look, or leave the frame the color of the wall for a floating appeal.
Enhance the connection of your color scheme by choosing a pop of color used throughout your home's accents and furnishings. For a dramatic effect, try an unexpected color and/or color combination! Tip: If you’re painting a door with different colors on each side, paint the edges of the door the color that opens inward, creating a pleasantly dimensional look.   
Let your doors confidentially lead the way throughout your home, while also keeping in mind that the tint and composition — from materials to hardware to panels — can capture the appeal of every accent, every piece of furniture, artwork and fixture in your space.
Find the color(s) perfect for your home at Dulux!
Until next week,
Mitch & Crystal
(some inspiration images via Pinterest)

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  • Mitchel Lindsay
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