When you shop local designers, you not only support your community, you drive innovation.

It’s so easy to shop mega-stores online. A click here, a click there and then volia…Your cart is filled enough to earn the “free shipping over $200” promotion and you’re credit card is already stored on file. Cha-ching. In three-five business days (pending mishaps) you’ll have your something new. Sure, this is a fine method of shopping. We all do it. Yet some become so infused with spending via major online e-commerce platforms that they forget what amazing stuff is available right around the corner. Don’t forget! First and foremost, local shops and brick-and-mortar businesses is where innovation happens.

Without supporting local talent, our trends and concepts will be mapped out for us before we have a chance to decide on our own terms. Indie designers give us choice. Without small businesses, we would become minions to the big brands. Here are a few necessary reasons to shop local designers.



First and foremost, a local boutique spends time, talent and energy sourcing their goods. They have relationships with the brands they stock, so they know you’re investing in something that’s worthwhile. For small stores, it’s not all about algorithms and statistics; it’s about quality, insightful merchandising and originative designs. It’s the independent creatives that help push the industry forward, ask questions that matter and bring new ideas to the creative marketplace.


This is where you lay your head, so you should hope to keep the economic base of your community flowing. It’s basic: if you buy from independents rather than nationally owned chains, more of your money is used to flow into purchases from other local businesses — thus, strengthening the value of your community.



What would we do without, for example, trendy cafes? What if everything in our town was run over with coffee chains? That means no adorable mugs. No vintage armchairs. No deco décor… Just paper cups with incorrect spellings of our names. That’s so uninspiring. Thus, if we want to keep our beloved go-to spots, if we want to keep our area (or make our area) a “someplace to be” then support is crucial.



Spending half an hour on a customer service 800-number is the worst waste of time. *Sigh. When you shop in your neighborhood spots, it’s likely whoever owns the store has invested in staff that will know their stuff in a manner that’s actually helpful. These retail spaces care what you think!


People who own your rad community joints most likely live in the area. If things are going well, they will stick around and invest more in the community’s future.

As homewares store and interior design service based in Sydney, Design Twins hosts a lovingly curated selection of Australia designed brands.

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