7 Indoor Garden Ideas for Homes


An indoor garden is a great styling piece. Whether you want to cultivate herbs, a few tiny seedlings, or a super fashionable succulent garden, indoor spaces can be ideal. You’ll brighten up your home and freshen the air at the same time.

1.Bar cart garden


If you want to class up your bar cart and your living room, you can put together a bar cart garden. It’s self-contained. You can wheel it into a different room if your plants need different amounts of sunlight. At the same time, this pretty accent will make your wine bottles and brunch cocktail supplies look amazing. You can start putting together a bar cart indoor garden yourself with a few basic supplies.

2. Moodboard indoor garden


You can’t overestimate the modern look. Sleek lines, lots of white, and pops of natural color bring a room together. The natural green touches prevent your white aesthetic from looking bland or clinical. Plus, the versatility of a good wire moodboard like this one means you can collage your garden any way you want.

3. Metal and glass displays


The indoor garden is really popular when it’s contrasted to modernity. You can absolutely have a beautiful indoor garden against wood or texture, but the current popular look revolves around contrasts. On the one hand you have luxury: glass, stainless steel, and that look. In contrast you have the plants themselves. This combination can draw a room together by making further contrasts look intentional. A great display cube like this one is an asset to your decorating no matter what direction you take it.

4. Display shelves


An elegant pot shouldn’t be hidden. If your plants will be healthy in pots forever, you can work to make the pot itself part of your decor. When you want to draw attention to the plant, really put it on display. A simple, minimalist shelf is the best way to display the pots as well as plants. It’s simply to install, and you don’t have to commit to a huge garden. Just one or two through the house can make a big impact.

5. Herb Wreath


If you absolutely cannot satisfy the DYI bug in your soul, this could be the project for you. Putting together this whimsical, cute herb wreath is a great way to test your styling eye. You can pick the herbs that you like to eat fresh the most, or you can choose it based on color, shape, and pleasing smell. You can put together your own herb garden that hangs on the back of the kitchen door. Find out how here.

6. Earth toned buffets serve up nature


The modern look encourages a contrast of materials. However, there’s something to be said for heightening an all natural look. If you’ve already favored woven open buffet tables and things of that nature, they’re going to pair well with your indoor garden. Woven style furniture and plants go together like peanut butter and jelly.

7. Fill unusual shapes


Finally, some furniture just begs to be turned into an indoor garden. If you use plants to fill out an unusual furniture choice, it will make your garden look full, sumptuous, and decadent. This is great for someone who wants the appearance of a lot of plants and gardening, but doesn’t actually want to have to take care of too many plants. The best thing about this option is that you can make your indoor garden out of anything. You can make an indoor garden out of anything that fits your decor.

An indoor garden brightens your life and your rooms. No matter what your needs are, you can find indoor garden ideas that match your needs. Try an unusual furniture choice, or DIY an herb wreath.


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