How to Choose Paint Colours For Your Home


Painting your own walls is a renter’s dream. Painting is one of the perks of having a house. It can be tempting to run out that very instant and buy the first shade you like. If you don’t know how to choose paint colours, your eagerness could result in disaster. Whether this is your first house or you’re an old hand at making spaces your own, it doesn’t hurt to get a little help. Check out Dulux paints for online swatches, this year’s trends, and excellent advice.


How to choose paint

Before digging deeper into this list, a word on how to choose a paint colour: you have to live with it. At the end of the day, you’re going to be seeing it the most. It doesn’t matter how “in” pops of dusty rose pinks are right now if you hate that colour. If it would make you really happy to wake up to a lime green wall every day, that’s what you should paint the wall. Take all the advice here with a grain of salt. You shouldn’t paint your walls to please this blog or anyone else who doesn’t live with you.

General tips

How are you going to build the palette of your home? The balance of a room comes from two sources: the walls (and floor/ceiling) and the furniture that you put into it. Are you starting with selecting your wall colour first? If you’re moving into a new house, it could be easy to pick your wall colours first and build your furniture around that. Generally, it’s easier to take a look at your furniture and let that dictate where your walls should go. Good furniture is a big investment, and you can extend the life of fashionable pieces with well-chosen surroundings.

Whatever palette you choose, follow some of the rules for paint. For example, you want a non-gloss paint for your ceiling. Gloss is will make a reflective surface that’s harsh on the eyes. True “white on white” style paints are more “hospital hallway” than “welcoming home”. Consider a tinted white like Dulux’s gorgeous Lexicon Quarter.

If you want a neutral palette that’s less harsh than white, grey is very popular in interior homes. It’s also an alternative to the biscuit and beige trends of years past. Dulux’s Stepney and Mt. Eden are both trendy choices that are more interesting than an expanse of white.

Modern sophistication

Greys are trending this year, but so far mid-tones. Adding pops of colour to a basic palette is a great way to incorporate quirky furniture or classic pieces. You could pair a cool sea blue like Dulux’s Seaborne with Stepney. If you’re bolder, add a strong, vibrant panel of Enigma, to a Mt. Eden spread.

If you love colour but hate the commitment of paint, contact Dulux’s style services. For a fee you can get professional interior decorators to share their opinions. They also provide an evaluation for your home. It comes with ordered swatches, money off on your paint purchase, and more.

Nothing takes ownership of your space like paint. Whether you’re looking to reinvent yourself, or you’d like something timeless and classic, Dulux has the right paint. If you don’t know what you want, but you’ll know it when you see it, look no further than Dulux’s style services.

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