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Grandma's Hands, based in South Sydney, sells handmade cards crafted in Ally's dining room with love and all kinds of quirk. Ally is a young millenium passionate about expressing herself through art and design. Ally is currently studying in the field of design and interning for famous pot makers, Design Twins.


The name 'Grandma's Hands' was inspired by the condition Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis that found is way into Ally's fingers at just 14 years old. Years down the track, Ally is passionate about using her creative juices in order to benefit others.


Grandma's Hands was founded to help Ally fundraise to travel to Guatemala in Central America to deliver hope and peace to communities saturated by poverty. In 2014 Ally travelled to Guatemala with Operation Mobilisation Australia, a Christian organisation, and met with a small team of international artists. Together they collaborated and used their gifts in order to serve the community in Zacapa, Guatemala. They team painted 3 large murals in St. Luke's Children's Hospital, a building that sees numerous malnourished children and their mothers walk through it's doors daily. Ally, overwhelmed with a sense of love and compassion, is determined to return to Guatemala in November 2015 in order to continue the work that her team started.