Milly Dent

Based in Sydney Australia, Milly Dent is a designer creating works with a sense of tangibility, materiality and concept exploration. 

The underlying philosophy behind my work is to produce pieces which are uniquely handmade and result in pure, natural, practical and thoughtful outcomes. 

My practice investigates cycles of nature, including rain, fire, birth and growth, and challenges conventional expectations of tableware. All pieces are made exclusively by me at my studio in Sydney.

Exhibitions & Recognition 

2015 Art In The Boudoir, Saint Cloche Gallery, Art Month Sydney

2014 Slowburn Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Kudos Gallery, Artsweek Sydney 

2014 Many Hands Events, Collaboration with Prickly & Cream

2014 A Fresh Perspective, Kerrie Low Gallery

2013 One Night Stand with Claypool, Damian Minton Gallery 

2013 Kudos Emerging Artist & Designer Awards

2013 Spin The Table, Sydney Design Week, Cofa Space

2011 Light it up Exhibition, Kudos Gallery

2008 Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art & Design 

Milly Dent

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