We can help you with selecting, registering and managing your domain name. There are lots of questions people ask us when registering a domain name for the first time, some of them are below. You can find the answers to all of these questions on the internet, though we’d suggest it’s much easier and quicker if you just call someone (us!).

Call us on (03) 9720 4338 to get your domain name registered.

What domain names can I register?

Although we only suggest you buy the domain names you need we can help you with all the domain name types below.

ICANN has published a webpage that identifies available registrant rights and responsibilities, which is posted on ICANN’s website at:


Domain name renewal policies and charges.

We’ll send you a renewal notice before your domain name expires where possible and a second notice if we don’t hear back. In most cases we’ll also try to contact you by phone if we still don’t hear from you.